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Safety moment

Below is the "Safety Moment” I'm going to share in a meeting this afternoon. Please feel free to use it in your next meeting.

On Sunday afternoon, a young Muslim girl was punched, kicked and had her religious head covering pulled off in a Calgary Park.

The incident happened as two girls, both under the age of 16, were walking along a river pathway. According to police, a 28-year-old woman confronted them with a verbal attack.

The girls tried to walk away as racial slurs were hurled at them, but the woman persisted, and the attack escalated to physical violence (source: CTV News).

How do we keep our fellow Calgarians safe?

- We talk about this story and other examples of hatred and intolerance with our children, our family members, our friends, and our colleagues.

- We speak up, we participate, and we continue to educate ourselves.

- We visit a Mosque, Synagogue, Gurdwara, Church, etc.

- We sign up for a course/webinar, read a book/article, watch a documentary and tell someone about it, etc.

- It’s not enough to simply be “not racist”. We need to start taking action.

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