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This poem reflects our 13 year old daughter's views of the genocidal events that occurred in India in 1984. Please see our article, 'A day like today-October 31st, 1984' for more context.

I listen to the stories

I listen to the stories

I’ve heard them a million times

Yet.. it all blurs as tears emerge

With this aching scream

When you think ‘country’, you think ‘united’...right?...wrong.

Not this country. Not this year. 1984.

Politics. Power. Position.

This was the mission

Wanting the promotion so bad

Not caring about the commotion left behind

Not caring about being unkind

Not caring about their mankind

That's how it was

Young men picked up off the street

And then they were beat...beat...and beat

Until the police felt complete

Because their ego was even more damaged than the Golden Temple after it was attacked

Yeah. Attacked a sacred place of prayer

When the Sikhs were completely unaware

Women, men, children

Didn't matter back then

If you were a Sikh, that was enough

Because Indira Gandhi was just soo tough

Little did they know

This was just the beginning of an era of terror, torture & tumultuous times

Anti-Sikh riots caused havoc in India

Guns being fired, houses being lit, thousands of people ready to commit


Over what? God. Religion. My god. Your god. What god??

People just so angry, so willing, so sure that they are right

It brought them so much delight to put up that fight

To this day this goes on

From dusk to dawn

People using Sikhs as their pawn

I wonder what we did wrong?


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