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  • Chris Wharton

Let it go!

Before I met my wife, I may have honked and shaken my fist at the car who changed lanes a little too close for comfort in front of me, I may have uttered a few choice words under my breath at the driver who didn't wave as I kindly let them in front of me, and I may have glared at the driver who was tailgating me in the middle lane of Deerfoot Trail as they passed on my left.

Now, I simply take a deep breath, assume benign intent, and give others the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the driver didn't see me in the shoulder check, maybe they didn't realize I had intentionally made room for them, and it's quite possible they were in a hurry to get home/to work/to the hospital, etc.

Unfortunately, many of you reading this post won't have had the pleasure of meeting my wife, so for you, I want to simply remind you to be kind, be empathetic, and let the little things go. It'll add years to your life and keep a smile on your face.


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