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  • Chris Wharton

Fit in or f#*k off

The above phrase appeared over of a map of Alberta on a sticker adorning a truck in line to pick up a student at a middle school yesterday afternoon.

If the message concerns the need to fit in to our wonderfully diverse and multicultural society, I couldn't agree more.

If the sticker is suggesting folks should fit in by treating others with kindness, respect, and empathy, sign me up!

If fitting in means casting aside your archaic feelings of superiority and confronting your prejudice and racism, well said.

However, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm wrong, and the intended message is that Alberta belongs to those who fit a homogeneous mold.

I also suspect that the owner of the truck is a parent, and I can't help but assume that this hateful ideology is being passed on to their children.

Assuming that neither party (the sticker bearer nor the intended target) is f#*king off anytime soon, what's the answer here?

Communication. No, I didn't go up to the truck, knock on the window, and try to have a dialogue with the driver. However, I talked to my wife, my children, and my friends & family with the hope that such hateful messages will fall on deaf ears and that the senders will eventually fit in with the rest of us Albertans.

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